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Address:     Acton Burnell Hall, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury, S45 7PF, UK
Phone:     +44-1694-73 1631
Fax:     +44-1694-73 1219
Email:     summercourse@concordcollegeuk.com
URL:     www.concordcollegeuk.com

Concord is an international boarding school established in 1949. We have excellent facilities for study and recreation in a safe, secure location.
Concord attracts students from over 40 different countries and there is a wonderful atmosphere of harmony and cooperation.
For the main part of the year Concord prepares students for entry to British Universities through our GCSE and A level programmes. Our students are very successful and reach prestigious Universities with 15 entering Oxford and Cambridge this year.
In July and August we run English Language and Science Summer Courses for Juniors.

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